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Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy
Platform (“Platform”) recommends that you understand this Privacy Policy because it explains how the Platform treats your personal information, such as collecting it. Storage, use, disclosure, including your various rights, etc., so that you are aware of the platform’s personal data protection policy. The platform therefore announces the following;

1. Personal Data
“Personal information” means information that can identify you directly or indirectly, including:
– Personal information that you provide to the company directly or through the platform. or existing with the platform, whether from the use of the platform or any other channels
– Personal information received by the platform or accessible from other sources which are not directly from you, such as government agencies financial institution and data providers, etc. The platform will collect information from other sources only with your consent as required by law. Unless the platform is necessary as permitted by law.

2. Limited collection, use, and disclosure of personal information
The Platform will collect your personal information only as necessary. This depends on the type of service that the personal data owner uses or provides personal data to the platform, such as registering to participate in activities. Registration to request various services, both directly through the platform and through other information systems related to the platform, which will collect such personal data only as necessary. The platform will notify the data owner and Give consent according to the form or method specified by the platform, including consenting to the platform sending, transferring or disclosing personal information to groups of persons/individuals who have contracts with the platform, including government agencies and organizations that have authority. law The Platform will retain such information for as long as necessary for these purposes.

3. Requesting consent to collect, use, and disclose personal information
The Platform may need to collect, use, or disclose personal information to other individuals or entities that partner with the Platform, such as collecting sensitive personal information that is not exempted by law. The platform will ask for your consent. Except under the following conditions
– In cases specified by law
– In the case of your benefit and consent cannot be obtained at that time.
– In the case of benefiting the life, health, or safety of you and others.
– Cases for the benefit of the investigation of the investigating officer or the court’s adjudication
– Cases for the benefit of study, research, and statistics preparation

4. Maintaining security
The platform recognizes the importance of maintaining the security of personal information. Therefore, measures are required to maintain the security of personal information appropriately. and in line with maintaining the confidentiality of personal information to prevent loss, access, destruction, use, conversion, modification, or disclosure of personal information without rights or unlawfully in accordance with the policy and guidelines for maintaining Information technology security according to standards

5. Rights regarding your personal data
Those who wish to receive information Change incorrect information or delete and destroy your information according to your rights specified by law. You can proceed according to the rules and methods specified by the platform. through the channel “Platform contact channels” that have been specified As the owner of personal data, you have the following rights:
– Right to withdraw consent
– Right to access personal information
– The right to correct personal information.
– Right to delete personal information
– Right to suspend use of personal information
– Right to portability of personal data
– Right to object to processing of personal data

6. Changes to Privacy Policy
The Platform may revise this Policy from time to time to comply with the Act. or secondary law Regulations and announcements of government agencies that will come into force later. The platform will announce it to you through this channel

7. Use of cookies (Cookies)
Cookies (Cookies) means small pieces of information that a website sends to store with the personal information of the owner of the website who visits the website. To help the website remember the personal data of the owner of the visit The website will recognize users who have previously visited the service. and set the settings as specified by the owner of personal data Until the owner of personal data deletes cookies (Cookies) or does not allow cookies (Cookies) to function anymore. The owner of personal data can accept or not accept cookies (Cookies). The use of cookies (Cookies) on this website is so that the website can work efficiently. and more complete By using this website, it is considered that you have given permission to use cookies (Cookies) in accordance with the platform’s personal data protection policy.

8. Modifications to Cookie Policy (Cookies)
This Cookie Policy may be revised or changed as appropriate to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act or other related laws. We therefore recommend that you check this Cookie Policy periodically for changes.

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